Helping people LOVE their bank

We create the best experience for our customers’ customers.

How do we do it?

Our Suite IC Banking is an intelligent, flexible and customizable omnichannel hub that allows cross-device experiences for retail, corporate and SMEs banking.

We take care of your customer’s digital journey, knowing that superior performance is achieved not only at each digital point of contact, but also by maintaining a coherent conversation between all channels.

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Once Upon A Time

We first began operating in 1994 as a Microsoft Training Center, aimed mainly at the banking sector, at a time when no one had a PC at home yet. We obtained the Gold Certification of Microsoft, and recognition as Best Partner of the year in Latin America. Customers themselves challenged us to offer them more services, and we created a development area that in a short time became the core business, with Banco Santander de Uruguay as our first customer. Starting in 2003, we expanded our borders, opening offices in Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Panama.

We consolidated our products until we finally focused on the IC Smart Platform that is currently implemented in more than 40 banks in Latam and the Caribbean. Today more than 10 million active users  carry out more than 120 million transactions per month. And as of 2020, we are part of CSI (Constellation Group Canada), a group with more than 500 companies that challenges us and encourages us to continue giving more every day.

We take care of your customer’s digital journey, knowing that superior performance is achieved not only at each digital point of contact, but also by maintaining a coherent conversation between all channels.

Helping people LOVE their bank, our mission remains intact and today it is stronger than ever.

Helping People Love their Bank


To make people’s lives easier through the best digital experience in financial services.


To be the leading company in technological solutions for digital banking in the global market.

Management Team

We proudly lead an organization of more than 200 professionals willing to go the extra mile every day. We are always available to talk and attend to the needs of each of our customers.
Let’s talk!


Ana Inés Echavarren

Ana Inés has a solid track record in the development and marketing of software for the financial sector. As CEO of Infocorp since 2015, she helped make the company a benchmark in digital channels for banking in Latin America and the Caribbean. She is a Systems Engineer graduate of the Universidad de la República (Uruguayan State University) and she also has a Master in Business Administration.  She is Director, entrepreneur and mentor at Endeavor Uruguay.

VP of Sales & Marketing

Germán Rama

Passionate about technology and its application for the creation of innovative solutions, Germán has been working every day for more than 15 years on how to provide exceptional user experiences. He currently serves as  VP of Sales & Marketing , and he is responsible for directing sales strategy for the financial sector, making possible for Infocorp to fulfill its mission of “helping people love their bank.”

Pablo Itman - COO

Pablo Itman

“I was trained in technology but life led me to specialize in people”. Pablo Itman is a Systems Engineer and COO at Infocorp. He has been devoted to the management of all aspects of operations for more than 25 years: managing production teams, projects and services; creating work structures and promoting change and innovation. His core strengths are his dedication to service and always anticipating customer needs.

Elena Rubin - Chief People Officer
Chief People Officer

Elena Rubin

Passionate about people’s development process, Elena Rubin has been Chief People Officer at Infocorp since 2016. She has a degree in Psychology, with a specialization in Human Resources and Organizational Psychology and has various certifications in topics such as Coaching, Behavioral Profiles and Points of You. She has published several articles on Human Resources and Organizational Psychology and has co-authored the books “Lives in Crisis” and “The job of looking for work.”

Why Infocorp?

Every day we work focused on enabling your bank to provide a premium service.
This is what you choose when you choose Infocorp.


Focus and experience that ensure successful implementations

Improvising is not an option in areas such as technology and finance. We offer a tested omnichannel platform and is ready to use. We have been working for 25 years focused on banking with more than 40 personalized, agile and efficient implementations.


Production and implementation team working together

A single team for production and implementation. It sounds good, right? We handle each step of the process without diluted responsibilities and with in-depth knowledge of the platform and the customer needs. We are committed from beginning to the end.


Time to Market: In an ever-changing world, we never stand still

Ready to go solutions that at the same time allow us to incorporate functionalities using roadmaps we define with our customers.


Innovation and dynamism to keep the pace with technological changes

Our battle-tested, omnichannel platform is regularly updated so that your service remains up to date. Operational speed is in our DNA. We have been doing this for more than 25 years in more than 40 customized, agile and efficient client implementation.


Innovation so that you always surprise your customers

We understand that being one step ahead is crucial to you. That is why we are always investigating trends and what is in the pipeline. The roadmap considers the current needs of the bank while incorporating new experiences and possibilities for your customers. We are releasing Open Bank while working on the next big step.


Maximum flexibility and perfect balance

The best of both worlds.
A hyper tested platform, which you can customize as much as you want. We work as partners with the Technology, Innovation, Channels and Business teams to make your ideas shine. Our platform is not closed: you can always build on it and maintain control.


Customization: An experience as unique as your bank

Each Infocorp product gives you the opportunity to express your bank’s brand and contribute to its development. Your design and tone of voice, which make you special, can be perceived and are part of the User Experience of each product that we implement together.


Consultancy: Team strength is the recipe for success

We generate long-term relationships because we know that the service we provide is as important as the technological solution. We are here to provide answers, at all times. We know the region and the features of each country. We help you find the right balance between product, customization, updates, time and experience.


Commitment, passion and service

When you choose Infocorp, you are not choosing a product, you are choosing a relationship. What makes us unique is that you are too. These are not idle words. Projects and products are not our core business, long-term relationships are. Our ties are long-lasting, some of them are more than 20 years old! We are proud to be 100% effective in the implementation of projects, giving 24/7 support so that you feel we are part of your team from day one.


Our team: Our people strategy is our business strategy

The only way to deliver special projects is to work with special people. People who understand your team and are resilient, eager to grow and give their best every day. We prioritize individual well-being and development while fostering inspiration. The result? You will see this every day we work together.


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