IC Banking Platform

The core of a digital bank. A single platform that connects with all channels to orchestrate a 100% hassle-free unified user experience.

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Web Banking

Responsive & Touch First to monitor user behavior on all devices and with self-managed options by the user to minimize Backoffice tasks.

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Mobile Banking

An innovative, focused and personalized App for each user, with predictive behavior based on the link and each customer’s context.

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Conversational Banking

A ready-to-go chatbot that works on chat, twitter and messenger among other networks and guarantees huge savings in operating costs with no uncomfortable learning curves.

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Marketing Campaigns Manager

Segmented and personalized inbound and outbound campaigns in real time through multiple channels: web, mobile app, online banking, email, push notifications, SMS, etc.

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The Bank that speaks
the customers’ language

It hides the complexity of the financial industry
behind the language of the customer.

Mobile Banking for Segments

As experience is everything, we also have applications specially designed to serve specific segments of the bank. These are Apps that aim to provide service to specific groups of customers, increasing fidelity.

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Public Portal

The bank’s institutional site is also a transactional channel, it is therefore connected to IC Banking, so as to be more efficient in self-management processes and in the delivery of information.

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Personal Finance Manager

A module that allows users to view their expenses and income classified by categories and over time, and to organize a monthly budget and savings goals.

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Add-In Office 365

A product designed for corporate customers. Our Office 365 Add-In allows the bank to be where the customer is, integrating information in real time with both Outlook and Excel.

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Banking Analytics

Data today is said to be the gold dust of the 21st century. The key is not only to have the data, but to know what to do with it, analyze it and enhance business decision-making with reliable information about what the customer wants and needs.

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Digital onboarding & account opening

Functionalities that allow the digitization of customers or the opening of accounts from a cell phone, with data validation and the possibility of sending personalized messages to promote these actions.

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