Mobile Banking

Experience Mobile First Love

We are leading the revolution in the mobile banking experience

Our new Mobile Banking channel is designed to accompany the user from beginning to end in their customer journey with the Bank, allowing them to use it as the only interaction channel. For the first time, in an innovative way, it will allow them to live the banking experience from their perspective, language and needs.

The Foundation of a Mobile First World

Mobile banking designed as the main channel, developed from scratch natively, with 100% of the functionalities and the latest trends in UX. In addition to providing the best user experience, it allows the bank, through our Digital Tool Kit, to customize and add value to the App, giving its innovation teams freedom to create.

A fluent behavior adapted to the user’s behavior

We are creating a new user-centric experience that evolves according to customers’ behavior patterns. A seamless experience that takes the best of the native smartphone experience and the banking experience.

Social media redefined the way we interact with smartphones

The new Infocorp App redefines the way of interacting with the Bank.

Built-in differentiation capabilities at every level

The App will provide an experience based on usage patterns and user characteristics and fed by AI models, which generate an experience that adapts, accompanies and advises the user in the day-to-day of their Economic Life, in an effortless way.

Digital Tool Kit

The App was designed on our Digital Toolkit, a modern and open technological platform that allows third parties to generate visual components to create new financial services. Through UIKit and Banking Components framework, the Bank will be able to create new widgets, extend the App to add new products, screens and functionalities, and customize the App as required.

Open Bank Ecosystem

The Digital Toolkit, added to the new Open Api connectivity layer, builds the foundations for the new interconnected business models that customers demand.

Products & Services

  • Own and joint accounts
  • Branch transfers
  • ATM transfers
  • One-step multiple transfers
  • Cash advances
  • Transfers between own accounts, internal to the Bank, to other Banks and abroad
  • Cardless withdrawals
  • Credit line disbursements
  • Service payments
  • My favorite transactions
  • Approvals
  • Push Notifications
  • Personal Finance Management