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Although Infocorp is a dynamic company, we have different areas that help organize work and achieve exceptional delivery.



Administration & Finances



Support & Maintenance



Business & Marketing

Culture & Values

These are the essential principles and qualities that characterize us;
these values are the everyday guidelines which we promote in our team.


We understand that wellness is a key factor. We promote working with joy to enjoy what we do every day.


We try to find calm moments in the most complex times to take care of each other and the team.


We seek to connect with others with empathy, to understand their unique way of seeing things, their feelings and emotions.


Everything works better in a team. We provide and accept help because we know that collaboration is the way.


We adapt to constant changes and reinvent ourselves in the face of obstacles, overcoming them with a resilient attitude.


We are passionate about innovation and constant improvement in everything we do.


We encourage our people to take the initiative and be proactive in any circumstance to make things happen.


We know that trust is strengthened every day with dedication, respect and consistency between what we say and do.

Infocorp Place

Our new offices are inspired by the “home office” concept of Tel-Aviv and Silicon Valley.

By mixing art, technology and nature together, we combine open work spaces, games, a music room…, diverse opportunities
for light physical exercise, hammocks, “squares”, pool, ping-pong, yoga rooms, works of national artists, inspirational phrases
and several break areas that allow people to meet and encourage inspiration and the development of human talent.