IC Smart Platform

The Ingenuity behind a Digital Bank.

One platform, multiple experiences.

The IC-Banking suite is designed to create the perfect experience for each and every user, paying as much attention to the retail or corporate customer as to the developer or the bank’s technology team. At the same time, it boosts the growth of Fintech ecosystems through an open platform, whose only limitation is the creativity of its users.

Our Smart Rings model presents, in its outermost layer, a single objective: to establish the appropriate link between the platform and the different participants, while internal rings provide the different tools, channels and business capabilities necessary to achieve it. All this, standing on our strong technological core that works as the pillar and heart of our suite.

Retail Experience

It is about providing rich features for the end user, in a seamless, modern and smart experience, and on any device: PC, cell phone, tablets or wearables. How does this translate into our suite?:

  • With a modern and responsive web that naturally adapts from a huge 4K monitor to a small mobile, providing the best experience in each case.
  • With smart components that create customized financial views, including recommendations from our predictive engines.
  • With informational and transactional chatbots or mobile apps that adapt to users’ needs and behavior, and evolve along with the link they keep with the Bank..

Corporate Experience

For corporate users, everything revolves around efficiency, where pragmatism and user-friendliness are as relevant as the features themselves. That is why we make the digital sales process, approval schemes, payroll and even self-service simple, seeking to reinforce the idea of practicality in each added detail.

Developer Experience

The existence of this layer is our way of welcoming developers as core users of our platform, providing them with the necessary tools to create their own experiences. It represents a gateway for innovation, creativity, customization and everything that each bank wishes to incorporate.

Fintech Experience

We are better together. That is why our architecture evolves towards an open source appified model, built on completely open standards, which together with our Digital Banking Toolkit, promote the emergence of ecosystems and synergies.

Channel Technology

The priority for a bank is to be where the customer is: web, bots, apps or social networks. This layer is responsible for that happening, with channel technology ready to implement “out-of-the-box” or providing tools and features to customize and extend them as much as the bank needs: either changing details through settings or expanding and building their own features.

Digital Bank Engines

All of our banking experience is exposed as high value-added functionalities for the business,added to Machine Learning models, with solutions for complex banking scenarios in a 4-step process: Learn, Propose, Automate, until it becomes Invisible. All these features are available both from our channel technology, as well as through SDKs for developer teams to easily consume.

Technology Core

Here are the platform foundations. Within the technological core, the necessary features are implemented to provide the necessary levels of platform strength, scalability and reliability. It includes adapters to connect with multiple banking cores, caching, auditing or access and security, all of them are stand-alone features in specific banking modules, but result critical for everything to happen seamlessly.

Why are our Rings really smart?

Because developers can create using the same tools, languages ​​and environments they are used to, functioning as an accelerator for the creation of new modules, or can test new ideas by putting together the features and models exposed by our Smart Rings in an innovative way, through our Digital Toolkit and Banking Engines, while supporting both cloud and on-premises deployments, as well as hybrid scenarios.

IC -Banking Suite is the yin and yang of Digital Banking. So that no bank misses out on the possibility of having the best of both worlds: a product with the features it needs, ready and ultra-tested, and the possibility of innovating and generating unique and absolutely differential experiences for its customers.

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