IC Banking Platform

A single bank,
a single experience

This is what managing all channels from a single platform is all about. Having innovative digital channels is important, but it is not enough. Customers need to have smart conversations with their bank and maintain a unified experience at each stage of their buyer journey. This is the main difference between managing isolated systems and an omnichannel platform that allows the Bank to orchestrate the experience and take care of every step of the way.
Each person is unique. Their experience should also be unique.

Digital channels

Be where the customer is

Helping the Bank to be where the customer is a priority for Infocorp. That is why our omnichannel platform —in addition to providing an outstanding end-to-end experience— has multiple digital channels to which new ones are added periodically. Is your customer on their computer? Where are they. On their cell phone? Do they prefer an App or whatsapp? Our UX / UI studies help us to deliver in each channel what you prefer or need, in an agile, comfortable and seamless way.


Be relevant to the customer

Having relevant and intelligent conversations with customers requires having the ability to personalize messages. That is why our platform includes artificial intelligence that allows each Bank to speak to each customer according to their products, interests and segments, as well as advise and help them plan and improve their personal finances. A bank that can talk to all its customers at the same time but with an individual message for each one, is a Smart bank. A bank that people love.

Open Banking

An ecosystem for new businesses

Open Banking is here to stay and it opens a great universe of opportunities for Banks and their customers. IC Banking is a springboard for the Bank to generate its own ecosystems, so as to not only generate a competitive advantage for its customers but also new business opportunities.

Many points of contact,
only one road.

This is the main difference between managing isolated systems and an omnichannel
platform that allows the Bank to orchestrate the experience and take care of every step of the way.


Get on our innovation train

We are continuously listening to our customers, striving to understand their needs and analyzing market trends. Our platform and digital channels evolve based on this, so that the Bank is always offering innovative solutions to its customers.

Centralized Management

Efficient Operations

An omnichannel not only benefits customer experience, but also allows the Bank to empower its employees through a single, centralized management for all channels. This avoids duplicate administrations, minimizing errors and lack of alignment between channels. In addition to saving costs, this allows the Bank to be more efficient in its daily operations.

Integrating Hub

Prevents mistakes and duplications

Solves the integration of all information sources in a single point through a single system. Through the centralized implementation of the business logic on the platform, we ensure that the channels comply with defined procedures, preventing possible errors or security vulnerabilities. Through our API exposed to the Internet, both our channels and proprietary Bank channels or third party channels will be able to connect to the platform supported by Bank security and rules.


We protect banks and their customers

IC Banking has security capabilities that allow the Bank to provide electronic financial operations in accordance with market standards, thus taking care of its own business, but above all of its customers’ business.