Digital Onboarding & Account Opening

Customer acquisition and digitization, just one click away.

Boost digital sales and provide a personalized enrollment experience to your Digital Banking or in the acquisition of new products / services, through multichannel campaigns with a call-to-action that launches the digital registration process:

  • Document capture & proof of life
  • Data Confirmation
  • Credit profile check
  • Electronic signature and digital contract
  • Account opening in an App
  • Activation of campaigns that guide the customer through a personalized experience in relation to the Bank and the new product / service they hired.

Through our marketing automation platform, the Bank will be able to transform the ability to sell and personalize the Bank’s message through micro-segmented campaigns. You can go from managing 10 campaigns to 150 with a tool that automates most of the repetitive tasks and frees up team time to focus on offer value and to have relevant conversations with customers.

Our platform will allow the Bank to manage:

  • Inbound and outbound campaigns through the most relevant channels: web, mobile app, online banking, email, push notifications, SMS, etc.
  • Segmented and personalized email and banner campaigns in real time.
  • Campaigns with an event-trigger
  • Re-targeting campaigns
  • Automated prioritization of campaigns and messages based on Machine Learning
  • Dynamic personalization of content based on customer information and specific offers
  • Integration with social networks and the Bank’s digital channels
  • Comprehensive process management, from lead generation to customer conversion
  • Real-time information analysis