TESOBE and Infocorp Partner to Enable Banks with Open Banking

Berlin, 28 March 2022 TESOBE, the company behind the Open Bank Project, announces a partnership with Infocorp Group, a leading provider of banking technology in LATAM and Caribbean, to enable banks in the region to create better customer-centric apps and services. Open banking has proven to be not just a regulatory mandate for financial transparency, […]

What should ‘small’ banks do to seduce customers and beat the ‘big’ banks?

iProUP | September 17, 2021 How does the dynamic of banks where technology is the main focus change? Few industries were hit as hard as banks, in terms of new competitors and changing paradigms. Digital transformation, that of transforming the company to conceive it with a digital approach from its very core, is easy to […]

ABC of fintechs, what financial services do they offer in the market?

Mi Bolsillo | Mexico| In recent months, the need for banking or financial services without leaving home has skyrocketed, which is where online banking comes to the user’s rescue. Mi Bolsillo| Mexico:  When it comes to financial services, both banks and other institutions have developed more options for users, often at their own initiative and […]

How can banks implement the Netflix model in their apps?

EL FINANCIERO | Costa Rica| Currently, most apps are for simple transactions, but the customer experience can be enhanced by being more proactive in offering personalized services. EL FINANCIERO | Costa Rica: “Entities are realizing that they have very limited banking,” said Germán Rama, Infocorp’s VP of Product. (Photo for EF) The stage in which […]

The pandemic was a major disruption point for banks

BUSINESS INSIDER | Mexico The pandemic was a major disruption point for banks – tech projects are accelerated in months, when it used to take years, assures Infocorp. -Banks are speeding up the adoption of technology projects to compete and accelerate their transformation in just a few months. -Infocorp, a leading financial systems software company, […]

Infocorp strengthens its operations in Mexico

NEO LATAM | July 21, 2021 With an investment of USD 1,000,000 in R&D planned for this year, the digital banking specialist expands its local operation in order to contribute to the Mexican financial market with technological solutions that accelerate digital transformation. Infocorp, the leading manufacturer of software solutions for digital banking in Latin America […]

Digital wallets: which are most widely used in Argentina and what benefits each one offers

iProUP Finances 4.0 | July 13, 2021 The pandemic exponentially boosted electronic payments. In this context, digital wallets became a high-demand tool for users looking for a single app to access bank accounts, cards, and the ability to transfer funds in a more agile way. As an example, and to illustrate the impact on the […]

Marcelo Gatti talks about UX. Do you want to know more?

Marcelo Gatti joined Infocorp as a graphic designer, and from then on 17 years have passed! At first, he did everything: Sales material, brochures, websites. He now leads the UX/UI team, participating in all the product creation phases, from ideas to interfaces, going through everything comprised by UX and UI. He is proud to see […]

Living in Uruguay: Julie Alonso

Julie Alonso came from Cuba one year ago and is happy in Uruguay, even though she misses absolutely everything because she loves her country, its people and its places. But she felt the need to give her children a different future, full of freedom and possibilities, and that made her migrate. In her words: “I […]

Women in Technology Gimena Vera

Gimena Vera was born in Montevideo, but her parents decided that they wanted a different quality of life when she was 3 and they moved to Colonia. And Gimena followed their steps! After studying Engineering in the capital city and working in several technology companies, she had her first daughter and decided to return to […]

At Infocorp we encourage asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission. Elena Rubin

With this phrase, very much appropriated at Infocorp, Elena Rubin, Head of the People department, summarizes how powerful it is to have people within the company doing and proposing things. The entrepreneurial DNA with which Gabriel Colla started the company 25 years ago is as valid today as it was then. Actually, innovation is one […]

Infocorp then and now: Gabriel Colla

Gabriel Colla knows little about technology, as he confesses, but that didn’t keep him from founding and accompanying for almost 20 years the growth of one of the largest tech companies in Uruguay, which is now part of the Canadian Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) Group. In 1994, at the age of 21, along with his […]