All-Business Banking

Personal, Professional, SMEs, Corporate Customers. Everyone wants a made-to-measure Banking Service, and you can provide it by means of all and every channel. Shall we work together?

The same experience:

Regardless of how or where customers interact using digital channels, or what type of customer it is (Personal, SMEs, Corporate), for them, the Bank will always be one. Offer a dynamic experience from all Banks and from any device or channel, adapting to the strengths of each one and each customer journey, providing 100% of the functionalities in all channels.

Multiple Channels

Allow your customers to live their own customer journey depending on the type or types of Banking services to which they belong, but by means of a unified experience that makes it possible for you to differentiate yourself as a Bank and for them to take advantage of the potential offered by omnichannel digital banking. From a robust web banking for corporate and SME customers, to a mobile-centered or conversational banking experience for the personal segment, unifying identity, UX and all capabilities.


Platform and channel customization adjusted to the needs of your Bank. The ideal balance between an efficient solution and the ability to personalize, implement and customize functionalities and the identity of the Bank will give your business a winning differentiator.

Money Dashboard

Offer your customer a view tailored to their needs, whether Corporate or SMEs, allowing them to quickly access their financial situation, favorites and latest movements and easily and efficiently manage their multiple accounts through grouped views of accounts and views grouped by favorites. Also provide your Personal Banking customer with access to a consolidated, intelligent and automatic view adjusted to their segment and profile, as well as a prioritized and intelligent experience knowing and anticipating their behaviors. Turn your Bank into an enabler of dreams and a partner to achieve them.

Being relevant to customers: one-to-one communication

By means of our automated marketing platform specialized in financial services, your Bank will be able to transform its sales capacity from macro-segmented to micro-segmented campaigns. Empower the Bank team by giving it the possibility to go from handling 10 campaigns per month to 150 with a tool that automates most of the repetitive tasks, so time is dedicated to the value of the offer and not to the segmentation and delivery work on multiple channels. It’s never been easier to explore niches, customize, make mistakes, and try again to drive the best performing campaigns.

A fluent experience
adapted to the user’s behavior

We are creating a new user-centric experience that
evolves based on behavioral patterns

Onboarding Digital & Account Opening

With the Onboarding and Account Opening module, the Bank can accompany new customers in a 100%-digital process by offering a careful and personalized enrollment in Digital Banking. This module allows the Bank to offer a process that includes proof of life, document scanning and digital signature, making life easier for customers, as well as a personalized welcome process, taking care of every step of the customer journey.



Make a Difference

Our solutions stand out because they are tested and implemented in multiple Banks, and because they have a very broad functional completeness and offer the Bank the possibility of customization in both functionalities and identity. This allows the Bank to generate a winning differentiator, and with an aggressive time-to-time market.

Products & Services

  • Individual and joint accounts
  • Self-service grouping of multiple accounts by company, type or favorites
  • Manual and payroll list payments
  • Branch transfers
  • ATM transfers
  • One-step multiple transfers
  • Cash advances
  • Cardless withdrawals
  • Credit line disbursements
  • Manual and payroll list supplier payments
  • Transfers between individual accounts, internal to the Bank, to other Banks and abroad
  • Photo check deposits
  • Payment and transaction scheduling
  • Asynchronous unattended processes
  • Service payments
  • My favorite transactions
  • Personal Finance Management
  • P2P payments between friends with only a cell phone number


Catch our product’s innovation train

Continuously provide improvements and news for your customers on a recurring basis, both through our Software Evolution Area (SEA) that allows development tailored to the needs of your business, as well as incorporating the annual innovations of our product that arise based on our experience and knowledge of the needs of banks in the region.

Open Bank Ecosystems

New Open Api connectivity layer to generate new business models and an ecosystem with new products and services that respond to customer demands and allow your Bank to make a difference.

Back-office, Security and Banking Analytics

A back-office that allows you to manage your digital channels in an omnichannel way, achieving a unified customer experience and efficient management:

  • Definition of parameters, rules and limits
  • Notifications and alerts (push notifications)
  • Audits
  • Dual approval
  • Dynamic forms
  • Benefits and offers

Learn through our Business Analytics how your customers behave in digital channels, from channel, country, time and device use, to most used functionalities and transaction amounts. Use information and statistics to make decisions.


Infocorp solutions for Personal Banking provide an experience that contemplates an ideal balance between security and usability:

  • Simple management of accesses and permissions for each user
  • Selection from a wide range of options for second authentication factors
  • State-of-the-art identification Touch ID, biometrics